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October 16, 2009 / jasonpinto

Social Media and CRM

The hosts of the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston very kindly have posted the video of the panel that was broadcast live from the event.  The topic was “End the Social Media Hype”.  (Click here to watch the video).

The panel consisted of some social media powerhouses — Jason Falls, Paul Gillin, C.C. Chapman, Chris Brogan, Brian Solis, and Mike Lewis — thus, along with some humor, there were many insightful points discussed.

One of my favorites involved how people use their CRM system in regards to their marketing activities. A lot of people worry that they can’t measure their social media activity. Well, are they using their CRM to measure if leads are coming from any other marketing channel?

Unfortunately, a lot of sales and marketing teams do less-than-their-best when it comes to maintaining their data. They do not fully utilize the tools that may be offered in their CRM system.

This can have a very negative effect on the success of future marketing efforts.

CRM may not sound as sexy as discussing the next marketing campaign idea — it’s more exciting to discuss QR Codes or social media as opposed to chatting about reorganizing data.

But it should not be neglected.

So, before you head off on your next marketing brain-storming session, it may be time to put “check into our CRM situation” higher on the priority list.

Are you categorizing people by Industry Type? Can you easily distinguish between customers, prospects, vendors, etc, from your system?

Do you have an accurate picture as to what’s happening with the prospects in your pipeline?

Keeping a clean CRM will require effort in time and data-related work, but it will have a positive effect on making your marketing efforts successful.


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