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October 19, 2009 / jasonpinto

Please turn ON your cell phones

At the Mailing and Fulfillment Services Association (MFSA) Fulfillment Conference in Tampa, Florida this past weekend, John Foley, Jr. gave a presentation on “Using Social Media to Build Business”.

(Full disclosure: John Foley, Jr. is the President/CEO of the company I work for, interlinkONE)

At the very beginning of the presentation, John did something a little bit different. He told everyone to keep their cell phones ON. You can see the picture from Slide 1 here:

He encouraged people to keep their phones on, as well as to use them… to post updates and tidbits from the presentation live on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

If you’ve been part of any marketing or social media related events the past couple of years, perhaps you’ve noticed this type of action, or even contributed to it.

Yes, posting live during a presentation can be a positive thing for the speaker and also the conference/event/seminar. When the news and content is posted on social media sites, it suddenly reaches a far bigger audience. It helps increase exposure for all involved.

Increased exposure = opportunities for revenue in the future.

Remember a few years ago, when people thought it was a  major sin to have your cell phone during a speech or presentation?

Well, from what I see, times have changed. Put your phone on vibrate, yes. But the bottom line is — it will benefit the speaker if you actively listen to the speaker, and tweet about it in real-time.

Yes, the rule on keeping cell phones off during presentations is changing.

Are you ready to change with it, and experience new benefits?

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