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October 22, 2009 / jasonpinto

Social Media and Black Coffee

Lotta Listen, Little Talk, More Doing

I heard a little family anecdote the other day. One of my uncles was expressing his disgust to the nephews and cousins that were gathered around his kitchen table. He couldn’t believe that they put ketchup on their eggs… and hot sauce on their home fries… and syrup on their bacon.  He said, “You’re killing the original taste by using all those condiments”!

At that point, my aunt spoke up. She said to the uncle, “Well, what about you and your coffee? You put more sugar and cream in there than anyone I know”.

From that day forward, my uncle drank his coffee black.

Things We Talk About

The world of social media has made it very easy for people to push our advice and opinions. There is advice on how to improve your marketing efforts, or how to write a better business plan, or on what technology or expertise you need in your building. There is advice on using multiple-channels in your marketing efforts, and keeping your contact database clean so that you can target it.

Yes, social media has made it very easy to talk and listen.

However, sometimes we fall into the trap of doing too much of those activities, and not as much doing.

Are we doers?

Yes, we may be telling the world they need to reach people through multiple channels, but are we doing that in our own marketing efforts?

A lot of “best social media practices” documents express how important it is to comment and participate on other people’s blogs and websites. However, the person that wrote the best practices document may run out of time to actually take that action himself!

It’s very important to spend a lot of time listening and participating in social media marketing channels. But we need to make sure that we hold up a mirror up to our own actions, in regards to the advice we give.

Are we practicing what we preach?

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