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October 22, 2009 / jasonpinto

The Sundance Kid and Marketing

In the movies, The Sundance Kid couldn’t shoot for beans….unless if he was moving. When he added a little movement – a dip, a spin, a kneel – his shot was dead-on.

The same could be said for marketing your product or service. Perhaps you are well-versed in marketing fundamentals. You’ve been doing it for years, and have even created and executed some very successful marketing campaigns.

If so, congratulations. You should be proud.

However, how much will that actually help your NEXT marketing effort?

Yes, the experience will add some positive impact. It will cause a few lessons-learned to ring in our heads. However, if that previous success is all we rely on to design, manage, and execute our next marketing campaign, we are in trouble.

During the time between campaigns, things change… Our audience changes. The market changes. Our competitors change.

What about us? If we are standing still, chances are, we’ll miss our target.

Here’s a few things we can do to ensure that we keep moving:

  • Read and learn from a lot of blogs! Every day, many people that “really get it” are posting advice that we can take and use for free. They are providing stories from their own experience, as well helping people stay up-to-date on new and upcoming technologies.   Are you keeping up?
  • Spend face-to-face time with your audience
  • Attend marketing related conferences: There is seemingly a new one each week. You can’t attend them all, but you need to participate in some.
  • Share what you’ve learned! The more you share, the more willing people will be to help you out when the need arises. That sharing of information may lead to ideas that make your next marketing campaign a success
  • Read about our marketing campaigns: Magazines and websites such as DMNews, MarketingSherpa, B2B, MarketingProfs provide new case studies on a daily basis. Read how other companies targeted their prospects , and which channels they used… Then, use that information to help shape your next marketing campaign.

The Sundance Kid may have had his flaws, but he knew that if he moved, he couldn’t miss a shot. There’s plenty of avenues available to help you don’t misfire on your next marketing campaign. Are you moving with them?

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