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October 26, 2009 / jasonpinto

Many people for one smile

Marketing departments owe quite a bit to the programmers, developers and “Chief Idea Officers” that may work at their organizations. Those other groups provide much of the ammunition that enables marketing to find creative ways to promote their company’s product or service.

Those other groups provide the fix, or the enhancement, or the new feature that makes everyone’s life easier.

However, it can work both ways.

In times of limited resources and budgets, companies face challenges in trying to get everything done as fast as they may like. Their customers may be demanding enhancements, fixes and solutions – however, with smaller staffs, it may not be as easy to satisfy all requests as quickly as possible.

Marketing can greatly help in situations like these.

Customers may have specific needs — but in general, they want to believe that a company is willing to do things that benefit them.

Perhaps a customer is waiting for a new enhancement to a product that will make their life easier. Well, while their waiting for the development and testing teams to finish the project, marketing departments can proactively provide that customer with other helpful items.

It might be in the form of blog posts that show that customer how to succeed with other aspects of their product or service… Or it could be a tip on an industry-related item from another company (non-competitive to your core product) that might help make that customer’s life easier.

Yes, if customers see that the marketing departments are reaching out to customers, and providing ways to help them, that will leave a positive impression in their minds. It will help them further believe that the other members of the organization also care, and that they are willing to help that customer as fast as they possibly can.

So… while you can’t satisfy every request, you should never be afraid to utilize all aspects of your company to help please your customers.

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