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October 27, 2009 / jasonpinto

The Bad News Bears

Raise your hand if you like delivering good news!

Certainly, we all would put our hand up if asked whether we like to be the bearer of good news. Everyone loves to present the report to their boss that shows how many leads came in from the latest marketing campaign… or how many prospects are in the CRM system thanks to Twitter.

However, when it comes to delivering not-so-good news, it can be a natural tendency to find a sudden urge to hang out under our desk.

Not-so-good news might include telling a customer that a deadline must be pushed… or that something can’t be done yet. It might include telling your boss that a recent trade show was expensive to attend, and not very fruitful at all in terms of leads. Or it might include telling our significant other that plans need to be canceled because we’re working really late at night, or all weekend.

Yes, that kind of news is not very fun to deliver.

Sometimes, we try to deal with that by not dealing with it. We may think that if we put off talking to our customer or boss or whomever, the problem may just go away.

However, that is rarely ever the ideal solution. When we wait to the last minute, we often put ourselves in a much worse position.

In today’s world, we have many, many channels that we can use to communicate good news. That’s easy. (Okay, it takes a bit of time and effort, but posting informative good news is rewarding.)

The truth is though, we don’t always have great news to share.

When those occasions arise, act quickly.

Get the facts.

Make a plan to make things better the next time.

And share the news.



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