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October 29, 2009 / jasonpinto

Want time? Trust and rely.

In today’s world of business, most of us seem to acknowledge that there is a lot we want to accomplish… but we are not sure if we have the ability to get it all done.

Here are two things that are related… and that can help us accomplish our goals…. but, they are not always easy to give in to:

TRUST: If you work under a manager, or a team of managers, they are often the ones that set priorities and that convert ideas into projects that you need to work on. Yes, there certainly are cases where a manager may not be qualified, and make many, many bad decisions. If so, then you probably need to think about moving. But if your boss is often right, then find ways to trust more.

Perhaps a new idea from our boss means we’ll have to reshuffle our priorities or work-load. Our natural inclination is often to initially look for the negatives to an idea… to find some way to squash it.  But in many cases, the boss is the boss because they’ve earned. Because they’ve proven they have the ability to set proper priorities.

If we start trusting, we’ll spend less time looking for the negative. Thus, that will give us more time to get things done.

RELIANCE: If you work in a team environment, you most likely have your favorite team members. Someone has proven themselves to be talented and productive. But there will be times when the workload is so high that you can’t solely rely on that one person. You’ll need to look to other members of your team to get things done.

If we think the others are not as talented, we often spend time thinking of ways to go back to our go-to person. Or we’ll put that work on our own (already-full) plate.

Instead of taking that approach, rely on the other members of your team. If you want them to prove that they are talented and productive, then you have to give them opportunities. Yes, you have to be willing to show reliance.


Those are just a couple of ways that you can get some time back. Do you have any other  suggestions that work for you?


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