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November 4, 2009 / jasonpinto

The Bursting Bubble

Quick — when I say “bubble”, what do you think of? Most likely, it might be “burst”.

When it comes to business, I’m sure we’d all agree that keeping ourselves in a bubble is a bad idea. If we are isolated from our customers, our prospects, or our competitors, we risk missing out on a very important thing = what people really care about.

Yes, we may  be working very hard at our office. That can be a path to productivity.

However, here’s the problem – what are we working very hard on?

Is it what we think is important? Is it what our customers and prospects think is important?

Working hard in an isolated environment can be a very bad think.  The best intentions will not save us. In that environment, the product or service that we are working on will suffer.

So, if we find ourselves in this kind of work-related bubble, how can we burst out?

One way is to make time to attend conferences.

Sometimes we think we should attend events, trade shows, etc. But we decide not to in the end, because “we’re too busy back at the office”.   This type of decision can be harmful.

In fact, we should take the opposite approach. What we learn at conferences will help make work EASIER. The knowledge we gain will make us more productive. The conversations we have and insight we gain will help lead us to producing a better product or service.

Look for conferences related to your industry, and your area of expertise. If you are a software developer, attend programming-related conferences. BUT don’t stop there.

Who do you sell to?   Attend trade shows and conferences specific to the industries of your customers. You will gain tremendous insight into their personalities, needs, and more.

Yes, expose yourself, and you’ll burst out of the bubble.



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