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November 17, 2009 / jasonpinto

Here is my heart… Reach it!


There was a special delivery at the interlinkONE offices today. Someone had sent Michelle Jollymore, one of our graphic designers, a bouquet of flowers.

This instantly caused multiple reactions:

  • The ladies of the office made “ooh” & “aah” sounds..
  • The men of the office snickered and scoffed at the romantic gesture (then quickly went to to see if they had time to order a delivery for their significant other)
  • Michelle, the recipient, blushed

Seeing the reactions across the office made me remember one thing about marketing – there is nothing quite as powerful as reaching someone’s heart.

Reaching Hearts Through Marketing

The world of marketing continually creates & opens  up new opportunities for communication. However, oftentimes we look at that opportunity, but then pour most of our focus inward.

For example, how do we think of our blog? Do we purely think of it as a way for us to write posts each day?

How do we think of Twitter? Simply as a place for us to post thoughts and links?

Well, those items (writing daily and posting links) certainly are things we can accomplish through  some marketing channels.  However…….

Adjusting Our Focus

We never want to lose this focus —– the articles we write, the links we post, the thoughts we share —– we need to try to aim those at the hearts of our readers.

If we can put ourselves in their shoes before we hit the “Update” or “Publish” button, we’ll improve on the material that we push out to the world.

If we think of our audience first, the topics that we choose to write about will become more abundant and appealing.

Our posts may not always produce the “oohs and ahhs” and generate instant purchases like flowers can do… but if we have the readers’ best interests in mind, we will increase the impact that we can have.

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