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November 19, 2009 / jasonpinto

Okay change, I guess I will move

At the interlinkONE offices today, we had a visitor/specialist spend some time with us discussing 401K and ROTH options.

Before diving too much into the options we have today, he discussed the history of 401K’s/IRA’s, etc…  It went like this:

Pensions used to be a great thing – when people retired at the age of 65, they received a pension… It helped support them through their remaining years – typically through 73 .

Thus, companies had to pay for 8 years.

However, as the life expectancy for people increased into the 80’s, these extra years certainly required more cash from businesses.

Thus, businesses needed to adjust. They looked, and pushed the 401K/IRA options. This enabled people to primarily take care of themselves financially, and reduced the burden on businesses.

What the 401K Guy taught me about marketing

Most businesses thrive on marketing and communication. Sure, they need a great product or service. But they need people to hear about it.

When a new communication channel comes along, how do you react?

Do you bunker down, scoff at the “new kid on the block”, and say the way I do things has worked in the past, and always will?

Or do you immediately register an account and give it a try?

The perfect solution is probably a balance of those 2 approaches. But the bottom line is, you cannot ignore new channels!

It will take time and effort to investigate, but that’s time that must be spent.

If people are spending hours a day on Facebook, well then your business better try something to appear on their radar, even ever so slightly.

If people are checking their Twitter feed as frequently as they check their email inbox,  you better find a way to appear once or twice in their consumption of information.

Yes, change can hurt and make us stretch out in ways we’d rather not… But if we refuse to move, we’ll find ourselves feeling very uncomfortable, in a very bad way, sooner than later.


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