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November 20, 2009 / jasonpinto

Convince Yourself First

Picture the scene:

– While doing an online demonstration, a sales rep runs through a 10 minute spiel on the features and benefits that their product or service can bring to the prospect.   At the end, the smiling sales rep looks to the audience for a reaction.

And the reaction is………………. nothing. No nods, no smiles, no quizzical looks…. No comments, no questions.

That moment can be an awkward one for the rep, as they wonder how and where they should transition.  The bottom line is this: the audience is not convinced.

Marketing Service Providers and Convincing

As more and more service providers (in this case, companies that traditionally sold print, fulfillment, mail) look to offer marketing services, their sales process changes.  It is solution-selling versus commodity-based, and the initial attempts can prove frustrating.

But one of the best ways to convince someone that you can help them with their marketing efforts is to do this ——— show them your marketing efforts!

I am not only the President, I am also a client

Are you trying to sell your ability to execute and measure the company’s monthly newsletter? If so, show them yours…. show them how you log on to a system and see how many people opened the email version, and how many people followed the links online.

If you are trying to sell your ability to put personalized URLs and QR Codes on direct mail pieces, show them  your own printed pieces…. let them see the reports… let them experience the act of following the URL or scanning your QR Code.

Yes, when we do it ourselves, we give ourselves more tools to sell with.

And we also greatly increase our ability to convince our prospects of our ability to help them.


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