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November 23, 2009 / jasonpinto

The new Star Search

One way that companies can utilize social media to grow their business is through online video.

It’s inexpensive…… It really only takes time and a bit of creativity.

Sure, you need a camera. But nowadays, nearly everyone has a camera! It might be built into their cell phone or digital camera. Or perhaps someone owns The Flip…   The bottom line is, getting the hardware really isn’t the obstacle.

However, the “problem” that you might have is this: who will go on the other side of the camera?

Have you have held a video camera up at a party?

You’ll likely find three groups of people:

  • The Hams: the people who transform when a video camera is on them. Their energy level increases, and they start demonstrating new dance moves nearly instantly.
  • The Hide-Under-The-Coffee-Table Crew: These people hate the red light. They do not want to be filmed!
  • The Whatever-Dude-Film-Me-But-I-am-Not-Playing-It-Up Crew: These people don’t mind the camera, but they really aren’t going to try to create an unforgettable moment.

Chances are, people from each of those 3 groups work at your company. Who should you use for your business videos?

Well, the answer is really this: all 3!

Yes, it’s great to have some high energy in your videos. It can help to have people with booming smiles and the look of comfort on their faces. However, that look may not work on all your viewers.  If someone comes across as too slick or too polished, it may give people a bad impression about your company (whether that’s fair or not).

Yes, in a world where people see thousands of marketing messages a day, they want the truth. They want “real”. They want to get to the point.

If you can satisfy those requirements in your videos, then your marketing efforts will succeed. It will take a combination of personalities and in some cases multiple takes (but not too many!). It will take some moments of saying: “whatever.. .The lighting wasn’t perfect, and I wished the site loaded faster, but it’s good… upload it!”

If we can do that, our efforts will continually improve and help us find success.


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  1. / Nov 23 2009 11:44 pm

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