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December 4, 2009 / jasonpinto

Sing it for me, Etta

It doesn’t happen often, but being at the gas station the other day caused me to sing. Fortunately for the people around me, the singing only happened in my head. But in my head, it sounded something like this.

At the pump, there were a sticker promoting the station’s car wash services. In huge letters, the words “At Last” caught my attention.

Below that, the sticker provided details about a “new soap / washing technique” that was now available.

When it comes to marketing, the words “At Last” can do more than cause someone to start singing. They may help someone to realize that you have something that they really need to try.

Perhaps customers were happy with the previous car wash… And maybe they are a bit cautious when it comes to change.

But the words “At Last” (or some other form of that expression) can help promote the idea that change was for the better. If they liked the previous car wash, they will love how their car will look thanks to the latest enhancement to the product or service.

When it comes to promoting changes that you make to your product or service, do not be afraid to be “warm and fuzzy”. You may need to do more than just state the facts. The facts are crucial, but a positive reinforcement may help ensure that your customers and prospects see those changes as good for them.


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