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December 7, 2009 / jasonpinto

Three Tips to Get your Sales Team Engaged with Social Media

One of the biggest internal responsibilities of a marketing department today is to help ensure that their sales force is engaged in social media channels.

Sure, marketing may lead the charge… They may be responsible for the creation of the majority of content that gets posted as well as the time invested in actually posting and conversing.

However, to get a sales force engaged, marketing must do more than just say: “there are leads there! You have to be there too.”

Marketing should make it as easy as possible for sales departments to get involved with social media.   This  may mean:

  • Make it easy for a sales person to post content. Do you have an online ordering portal? Do you provide links that go right to sites such as Twitter, with the status field pre-populated?
  • Identify popular articles. If hundreds of people have been downloading the white paper that you posted last week, make sure the sales team knows. They will then have the opportunity to post something that should be well-received.
  • Share your research. Do you belong to 50 LinkedIn groups that provide you with valuable insight and opportunities to converse? If so, make a list of those groups and distribute it to the sales staff.

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