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December 18, 2009 / jasonpinto

Increasing Your Digital Footprint

So… as part of your marketing plan for 2010, you are going to launch a Facebook page for your business.  How many days will you need to wait before you deposit your first “business-attributed-directly-to-my-Facebook-page” check?

A day? Two weeks? A month?

If you are in the B-to-C space, it certainly may be possible to quickly attribute sales to content that you put on your Facebook page.  However, if you sell B-to-B, or just have a long sales cycle, then you certainly must acknowledge that simply creating a page on a social media site is not going to instantly bring you new business.

Should you still do it then? Should you invest time and money in starting or increasing your social media marketing efforts?

Well, the answer certainly is yes.

I stumbled upon this article today from Mobile Commerce Daily. It’s about the musician, Ziggy Marley, and how he is using new marketing channels. In this case, it’s an iPhone App.

One quote especially stuck out to me. Here it is:

“He’s not seeing this as a huge revenue-generator off the bat—his goal is to increase his digital footprint and hopefully bring him and eventually his family into the mobile arena.”

Yes, at the end of the day, “it” (where you work, what you do with  your time) is a business. Marketing efforts must  increase awareness and create demand, and thus eventually bring in money. However, not every marketing effort will instantly fill up the sales pipeline.

If you are entering into a new channel for your business, perhaps social media or mobile marketing, you must view “increasing your digital footprint” as a good thing, and a necessary step on the road to success.

Eventually, people will notice those footprints, and want to find out exactly where you, your company, and your product or service will lead them.


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