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December 28, 2009 / jasonpinto

Checking your marketing activities for flat tires

One of the least favorite things that I see while driving to work each day is cars that have flat tires.  Nearly always, the driver does not yet know. They are cruising at their normal speeds and switching lanes — all the while, they are only rolling on 3 wheels.

You may want to try to find some way to signal them — but during a busy commute, it’s almost impossible to do so safely. Oh, if only they could hear the sound of that flat rubber, or feel that their car isn’t driving quite so right.

Marketing and the Flat Tire

As we are days away from 2010, no doubt you have already made or are working on your 2010 marketing plan.  You are looking ahead, which certainly is very important.

However, to help ensure that 2010 will be a successful year, it may be critical to take a moment and look backwards.

Pull out your marketing plan for 2009…

  • Which items did you accomplish?
  • Which items did you miss out on?
  • Which activities were not on your plan, but ended up getting done regardless?

Yes, that type of review can certainly help you identify some of your positive activities. But looking at what you missed out on is also important.

It may hurt to see that specific list of things you did not get to, but it may help to point out some flaws in your marketing management and execution. Yes, it may help you to see if you’re driving on a flat tire.

Perhaps the “list of things I did not get done” boils down to a specific channel or media. For example, maybe your email efforts never really got off the ground in 2009. Or perhaps it was your direct mail activities, or social media engagement.

Once you’ve identified what you’ve missed, you can start working on why. Perhaps there is a staffing need… or you need a new tool… or you need to shuffle priorities.

If those same types of activities and channels are on your 2010 marketing plan, then you need to find ways to fix what went wrong in 2009.

Yes, finding out that you have a flat tire is not the best news in the world. But if you find a way to fix the problem, you’ll be cruising a whole lot more successfully in 2010.

P.S. If you are curious as to how a QR Code can help you change a tire, click here.

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