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December 29, 2009 / jasonpinto

If only I could kick myself…

The world of marketing provides quite its share of inspiration. It may be an advertisement that we see… or a clever use of merging multiple channels to deliver a message… or an attention-grabbing way to create awareness. Many times we witness another company’s marketing effort, and little bells of inspiration start ringing in our head.

But along with those bells, we may also get the urge to kick ourselves. We may want to look at the ground, grit our teeth, and mutter, “Why didn’t I think of that first??!

You may wonder how that other company has the resources or brains to be ahead of your game. If it was just a matter of that company having a bigger marketing budget, well then, that’s one story all on its own. But often times the best marketing activities are simply due to creativity and execution.

So, how do you deal with getting beat? How do you win the next round?

Oftentimes, it’s simply about strategy and planning.

It’s not just making a marketing plan for the entire year and sticking to it. It’s about taking time monthly and weekly, or how ever often is necessary, and reviewing where you are and discussing what you want to do.

It may mean that you need to schedule time to have frequent, outrageous brainstorming sessions… Or to book and take a field trip to change your scenery and get the creative juices following…

Yes, it may involve un-spontaneously putting yourself in the position where you can be spontaneous.

If we are willing to consistently challenge ourselves to be good, then we may indeed just get there.

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