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December 31, 2009 / jasonpinto

The GM of Marketing

Imagine that you are building a baseball team. You are the General Manager, and it’s your responsibility to acquire the players that give your team the best chance to win.

What factors help you determine if a player is the right fit for your team? You know their strengths and weaknesses. But the question is, will that player help you?

Well you certainly would need to consider your current roster. Do you already have players that are just like this potential new one? How about the coach? Will the coach and player get along? Also, since you play half of your games at your home stadium, you would need to consider if the previous success of a player will translate to the new dimensions of your stadium.

( Note: If you’re a New York Mets fan, you may not want to read this article about Jason Bay.)

Being the GM of your Marketing Activities

As you look to plan your marketing activities for 2010, it certainly is important to be informed about all the channels and medias at your disposal.  Channels such as Print, Social Media, EMail, the Web, Airwaves, and others have their strengths and weaknesses. Some seem a bit sexier than others right about now.

Before you decide which ones you will use though, you must consider other factors.

Who is your target audience? Where do they go to look for help and information? Will your marketing activities put you in front of them?

Perhaps a mobile campaign worked great for another company in 2009. But if their target audience differs greatly from yours, that absolutely needs to affect the way you execute your mobile campaign.

Consider the resources you have… What holes do you have? What efforts failed in 2009? Look at schedules… events…  potential shifts in the marketplace.

Yes, those factors should help to clarify your decisions on how much effort you should devote to a specific marketing channel.

Will you be booed in the upcoming year?

When a GM in sports signs the wrong player, he lives in infamy for many years. He’s ridiculed, writers scorn him, and fans boo him when they see him at the movie theater. (confession – I did this to Dan Duquette once. I’m a jerk. But  I was 16!)

As marketers, if we take the time to plan ahead, consider crucial marketing fundamentals, we may indeed choose the proper channels for the year ahead.

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