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December 31, 2009 / jasonpinto

Why redbox Might Have a Very Good Year

I’ve only recently become a redbox “customer”. I put that word in quotes only because it’s very, very easy to do so. There’s hardly any effort or commitment required.

redbox does many things very well. Mark Cuban wrote an excellent article a few months ago  listing some of the big ones.

They did something very good today as well.

It’s New Years Eve. Many people may have already made plans for the evening. However, there’s a sizable group of people that simply want New Years Eve to be a night-in. Or, perhaps they’ll go out for dinner, but then head home well before midnight.

Well, redbox sent an email to customers today with the Subject line “Make New Year’s Eve a Movie Night”. From there, the email provided information on some new releases and other popular titles. Most of all, it reminded people of how easy it would be to simply stop at a convenience store on the way home, get a movie from redbox, and enjoy the night.

redbox has some great things going for them in regards to their distribution model and pricing. But they apparently have a few good ideas coming out of their marketing department as well. If you are competing with them, look out!


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