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January 3, 2010 / jasonpinto

Cold Toes

How do we know what we want?

A cat knows how to make it known that he wants something. It makes noise. It walks with a purpose and hangs out at a specific location. It may even gives us direct looks that indicate we better make sure the cat gets what it wants.  

A cat may see people outside having fun in the snow. But as bad as it may think it wants to go outside, it only takes a couple of seconds walking its paws on ice for it to realize that walking around the snow isn’t really going to make it happy.

A lot of businesses may share common goals for the next 12 months. Looking out our window, we see other companies succeeding via certain marketing channels and in certain verticals.  We start to want the exact same thing.

But the exact same thing may not be the right fit for our business. We’ll never have the exact resources or opportunities that existed for another company.

Rather than wanting exactly what someone else is enjoying, find something that will truly make you happy. Look at your product and services. Look at what has made your customers smile, and what has made them cry (hopefully not literally).

Then identify the path that will help you move forward, along with your business and your customers.

Sure, others may appear to be having fun in the snow. But if you make a path for yourself, you may end up a lot happier (and warmer).


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