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January 6, 2010 / jasonpinto

Small Talk and Urgency

Some people just love to talk.

It could be about anything…  a news story, a person, a condition, or whatever. Sometimes it’s just chit-chat, and harmless opinions and questions.   When “that person” talks to you while you are a busy, you may not feel any qualms about simply ignoring their conversation at that moment.

But then there are other times —– That person wants to talk about something, but you can tell that it’s different. It might be their body language, or the tone of the voice… It might be the way they are sitting, or the look in their eyes.

Something in their mannerisms indicates to us that we really should try to take action and listen.

How about when it comes to our marketing efforts? It might be a mailer, an email, or an advertisement.

As marketers, we love to talk about our product or services. People know and most likely expect that.

But do we give them an incentive to take action?

Certainly, not all of our marketing materials should come with the same sense of urgency. For example, a monthly newsletter will have a different tone than a direct mail piece that announces a deal on your products.

But when it comes those types of moments and campaigns, are we checking our “body language”? Are we making the call-to-action obvious, and providing enough of a reason for someone to want follow?

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