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January 11, 2010 / jasonpinto

Decisions and Education

When it comes to marketing, there are very few people that would disagree with this fact: you need to look at which channels are used by your target audience, and then find a way to communicate with them there.

However, what if you identify a marketing channel that appears to hold out many benefits – but your customers aren’t using it?

For example, let’s discuss social media.

You may see other companies reaping rewards via sites and tools such as Twitter, Facebook, online video sharing, blogs, and more.   But perhaps your customer-base appears to be taking a hands-off approach to those channels.

Should you ignore those channels in your marketing activities?

The answer is no. The “world” will always need leaders. Your world may consist of your employees, customers, and prospects.

If you believe a channel such as social media could eventually have a positive impact on your business, then use it!

Of course, you do need your target audience to pay attention to that channel if you will truly succeed.

To accomplish that, you will need to put forth the effort to create and distribute educational materials.

You may need to include links to your social media sites in your print and email newsletters. You may need to host a webinar on using Twitter to grow business. You may need to tirelessly make sure to mention social media each time you chat with a customer or prospect on the phone.

Of course, you’ll need to show why and how channels such as social media can grow their business.

But if you accomplish that, then you’ll have also completed your first goal:  your target audience will now be using another marketing channel that allows you to communicate with them.


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