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January 12, 2010 / jasonpinto

The Solution to Writer’s Block

The New  York Jets of the 2009/2010 NFL season have a few things going for them. They are winning.  They may be a bit lucky. And they have Gary Vaynerchuk as a huge fan.

Oh, and one more thing. They have a great media policy.

In the latest edition of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback, I came across this tidbit. It is speaking of the coach, Rex Ryan:

“He likes players to say what they want, as long as they keep the team in mind. “Rex spent 45 seconds with the players when he took over, talking about the media policy. He basically said, ‘Say whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt the team. And when you do an interview, make sure you mention two teammates and one coach every time you talk.’ ”

Ah, isn’t that refreshing. Mention two teammates and one coach every time you talk.

What Rex Ryan Is Saying To You

If you are involved in representing your company or your own personal brand, you are now faced with more opportunities than ever to talk. It may be via a blog post, a podcast, a webinar, a magazine interview, a  YouTube video, etc.

When those opportunities arise, what will you talk about?

If you are offering a product or service, you will certainly need to create awareness and demand at some point. But not all the time.

Listen to the coach of the J.E.T.S.

Make an effort to talk about other people… It may be the people that help you on a daily basis, or just people that you admire. It may your boss, or the manager of another company that you do business with.

By looking at others, it will certainly give you more things to talk about. But it will also make your words more meaningful.

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