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January 22, 2010 / jasonpinto

You won’t do it.

I dare you.

I double-dog dare you.

When we are younger, it sometimes takes a bit of peer pressure (or, more bluntly put, teasing) for us to try things that we may not particularly feel comfortable with.

After we cave in, we oftentimes are pleased that we received the “push”.

As we get older though, we often lose the influences that may have helped push or tease us to extend who we are…. or what we do…. or where we are willing to go.

If you are in that spot, find a way to get the pushers/teasers/peer-pressure-appliers closer to you. I’m not talking about bullies.  It may just be people with an outside perspective from your normal, every-day circle of associates.

Talk to people with years of experience. Talk to people who are green.

If their ideas and thoughts challenge you, make sure to keep them around.

They may help change the way you think as well as the things you do. Most likely, you’ll be happy in the end that they pushed you.

Photo Credit: My Cousin – Eirik Nilsson


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