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January 26, 2010 / jasonpinto

The Bottom Shelf

When I was  younger, I bought a LOT of CDs.

It was bad. If Rolling Stone reviewed the album and gave it more than 2 stars, there was a good chance that I needed to have it.  My credit card company really loved me during that period; however, I did not love a lot of the CDs that I came home with.

Thus, as is fairly natural over time, my favorite albums ended up on the top shelf. The others moved to the bottom shelf (or worse, the closet!), well out of eye-sight when I was looking to choose music for the stereo.

However, about once a week, I’ll take some time to go digging on the bottom shelf. I’ll grab a CD that I haven’t looked at in a long time and that I never really fell in love with.  I’ll put it on the stereo, and see what happens.

A lot can change over time — the people we meet, our circumstances, events that make lasting impressions — not only can those things affect our life, but they also can affect the music that we enjoy.

Occasionally, one of those bottom-shelf CDs will resonate with me years after the initial purchase. From there, it makes its way up to a higher shelf, and to a more frequent spot in the rotation.

The Bottom Shelf for Marketing Ideas

Marketers are full of ideas. The ideas come at all times… while driving, while at a concert, while sleeping, eating, working, running, etc.

Some of them are fast-tracked directly to the boss for approval. But there are other ideas that may excite you at first, but you quickly decide that they are either too crazy, or not ready to be considered for prime-time.

Every once in a while you should take the time to re-visit the ideas that have been placed on the bottom shelf.

Things change….. Your audience may be used to a new marketing channel by now… Or perhaps another company has had success using a similar concept in their marketing efforts.

There’s a chance that many of those ideas will need to stay where they were…on the bottom shelf. However, you may be surprised by how much sense an old idea makes today.

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