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January 29, 2010 / jasonpinto

Looking for the Right Mix

When it comes to friendships and relationships, nearly all of us seek out people from the past.

Sites such as Facebook have made it easier than ever to connect with people from our high school years.  We all must admit to getting a little rush as we search and find an old buddy or a former crush that we haven’t seen in years.

Why do we look to the past?

Often, it’s because we have good memories. Sure, we may greatly enjoy where we are in life today. We may love the new people in our lives and the opportunities that have been opened up to us.

However, there’s something about the “old days” that we may look to cling onto.

Marketing And The Good Old Days

The same attitude should apply to our marketing activities.  However, it may not come as naturally.

In the world of marketing, we are often attracted to what will happen next — we are constantly looking forward and pushing to ensure we take advantage of new channels and ways to communicate with prospects and customers.

This can be a very good thing.

Looking forward may help us to beat our competition… It may help us to save money and reach new people… It can help position us a leader.

However, we need to still take the time to look for “old friends”.  What worked for us one, two, or even 5 years ago may seem ancient compared with our new, favorite marketing channel. However, there’s a good chance that a portion of our target audience may still prefer communication via a more traditional marketing channel.

It might be print. It could be a phone call. It could be a TV or radio ad.

If that is our audience’s preferred method of communication, we need to find ways to honor that.

The Right Mix

Certainly, solely clinging to old friends will not help us to succeed in life. We need to balance “the good old days” with where we are in life today.

The same principle applies to our marketing efforts: If we find a way to create the right mix in between traditional and new channels, we will give ourselves an opportunity to succeed.


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