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February 4, 2010 / jasonpinto

Safe and Social

The other day on Twitter, this tweet caught my attention:

“60% of IT pros see Facebook as high-risk networking site 4 spam, malware…”

The Jets and the Sharks?

Marketing and IT will always be two different animals (okay, to put it nicely, animals=departments).

However, more than ever before, it’s critical that the folks that want to expose their company to the world (marketing) and the folks that want to keep their company insulated from the world (IT) need to work together.

Social media has created many opportunities for businesses to reach people quickly. Social media demands that a company give all of its employees a chance to promote its products and services, as well as to communicate with customers, prospects, and others.

By creating that level of exposure, you open your business up to the world. Not everyone in the world of the web will have the best intentions. Thus, rightfully so, all businesses should have a respectable fear of things such as spam and malware.

Being Safe and Social

Both groups can play a huge role in helping to keep a business safe. IT can look for ways to provide walls, where necessary. But what’s more important is that they provide education. They send out alerts on what things people should look out for, and which things people should avoid clicking.

Marketers and other employees that are on social media sites must hold up their end of the bargain as well. If IT is sending out information, it must be read and followed.

Of course, even despite great intentions, bad things may happen. In the worst-case scenario, IT may shut off access to as many social media sites as they can possibly find.  This could potentially cause harm to a company’s overall marketing efforts.

No one, no matter the department, would want that to happen. If it’s bad for your business, it’s potentially bad for you.

How can you prevent the worst-case scenario?

Make it your determination to work together. Look for ways to share information, goals, and strategies. If you think social media can grow your business, show that to everyone in your company.

Reach out across the aisle now.  It may feel a tad bit awkward at first, but it’s critical. And from someone who has been on both sides of the aisle, I promise, they won’t bite 🙂


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