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February 5, 2010 / jasonpinto

The Balancing Act

Yes, it’s true.  I have been inspired once again by another tweet from Vegas_Baby98. Here it is (from 2/4/2010):

“what it boils down 2 is finding the right social media mix 4 your company & then making it work for you. :)”

She nailed it.. It’s so true.

How can you find the right mix?

If you are looking at your employee list right now and are trying to figure out who can help your company’s social media efforts, try this —– don’t think about social media.

Think about the other actions that might be taken by people in your company. I guarantee that you’ll have people at opposite ends of the spectrum on common actions and tasks.

  • For example, some people love to chat about what they did on the weekend… Others try to say as little as possible on Monday’s.
  • Some people love to shut off a customer’s account when things go sour… others try to dream of ways to save the situation.
  • Some people love to delete files and emails from their computer… others save everything. Forever.
  • Some love to get the most of every possible break… others can barely stand to leave their desk to grab lunch.

As long as the people from the different groups are productive, the balance can have a positive effect on your company.

The same may apply to social media. For your efforts to be successful, you must post a variety of content. Your tone must be funny at times…. serious at others… conversational…. heavy-selling…. heavy listening.

Yes, in order to find the right mix, you will need to allow various voices from your company to contribute.

If you do, the world will be happy to pay attention.

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