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February 8, 2010 / jasonpinto

Hey Marketing – Share the Love

How much of an impact has social media made on your life? Or on your business?

For a good amount of companies, social media is in the “still thinking about checking it out” category.

For others that have taken the plunge, it is contributing positively to their marketing efforts. They may be using it to find prospects… And to promote their products and services. They may be using it to promote events, and to connect with people that are looking for solutions that their company offers.

If you are nodding your head affirmatively to items such as those, you should feel good.

But how do you feel about questions such as these:

Is social media helping your HR team? Your Customer Service department?  Has it raised the public profile of your boss, and other employees in your company?

If you have problems in any of those areas — or,  if you simply wish that you could make things a bit better when it comes to those efforts — take the same plunge with social media.

Tools such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., may truly have a dramatic on your marketing effort. But the bottom line is, they help improve communication.

And because of that, it can help aspects of your business.


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