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February 16, 2010 / jasonpinto

Compelling Content

Marketing departments today are seemingly more empowered than ever. Marketers can reach people quickly and easily through a variety of channels, in just a matter of minutes.

Tools make it very easy to reach people via email… We can post links to blog posts, videos and other content via social media sites. We can attract viewers to our own online TV channels.

Yes, we have many opportunities to post content quickly.

However, we must never lose site of one marketing fundamental — are we pushing out compelling content?

My New Favorite Example of Compelling Content

I have a friend that recently opened up a new business, Bella Designs Baby. The way I found out about their company was via their Twitter page.

The primary objective of the business is to help parents capture pictures of a very extraordinary moment in their lives; a moment when they’re far too distracted to take a lot of pictures on their own.

I followed the link to their website, and then watched the video/slide-show they have produced.  I would like to pretty much dare you to watch the video and try to not be compelled.  There is a musical track behind the video, so I would advise putting on your headphones.

The video is moving… It may make you want to sign up for adoption papers immediately, or to perhaps pick up a Marvin Gaye CD on your way home for work.

It may also inspire you to produce compelling content for your product or service today.

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