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March 3, 2010 / jasonpinto

Roy Orbison and Productivity

The other day I cam across this article, thanks to SmartBrief: “The Secret To A Lifetime Of Productivity – And Five Ways To Find It“.

I am a major sucker for any headline that promises to give me tips to improve the way I work.  I will honestly say that this is one of my favorite articles on the topic.

One of the best tips was this: Turn off the yes reflex.

Can you say No?

This is certainly much easier said than done.  As marketers, there are a lot of people that we aim to please….  Sales folks… Management… the worker-bees… our customers… our prospects.

And along with the people that we strive to please, the state of the economy may strike a fear into anyone that dares saying “no” to work.


…If we say Yes too much, we will find that it becomes impossible for our brain to say no. To anything.

…If we say Yes too much, the quality of our work will suffer.

Sorry, Roy

Roy Orbison sure sang a great song… But we need to make sure that the approach he crooned about does not doom our productivity at work.

Sure, to grow our business, we need to accomplish more than we ever have before. But we need to ensure that we devote time and energy to tasks that really matter.


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