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March 8, 2010 / jasonpinto

Beer, Wine and Cross-Promotion

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters.

While that never quite worked for me as a pick-up line, email newsletters are absolutely one of my top sources of information.

I signed up for one the other day that caught my attention in a really good way.

The IncrediBREW Newsletter

IncrediBREW is located up in Nashua, NH. As for what they do, their tag-line says it best: “Your personal beer and wine brewery”.   As part of their marketing activities, they provide an e-newsletter.

After people subscribe to the newsletter, a Thank You email is sent out.  Most of the newsletter confirmation emails that I receive typically thank me with words.

While the words are nice, the “thank you/confirmation” email from IncrediBREW also contains a coupon for people to receive 10% off a batch of beer or wine from their brewery.

Yes, they’re taking full advantage of this touch-point to drive people to their main source of business — the brewery.

As marketers, we certainly can feel good about ourselves if we generate multiple touch-points between our company and our customers & prospects.

However, we must fully utilize each of those touch-points. This doesn’t mean that we hound people. It doesn’t mean that we try to sell to them at every opportunity.

But it does mean that we should always seek to provide something of value.

Saying “Thank You” is certainly a valuable effort. But if we have someone’s attention, it may certainly be worth the effort to provide something extra at that moment as well.



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  1. Tricia / Mar 11 2010 4:48 pm

    Another great one. Simple. Obvious but Often Underrated.

    Asking “why do our customers want to be touched” (odd phrasing:) actually leads to more of the customers doing what the company wants – returning and maybe spending. Marketing has to equal providing value for it to be effective.

  2. jasonpinto / Mar 11 2010 4:58 pm

    Thank you… I love it… It might be “odd phrasing”, but the way you said it was perfect.

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