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March 16, 2010 / jasonpinto

Scared of Bees

While washing a couple of dishes in the office kitchen this morning, I ran into an enemy — a bee!

Yes, I am a wimp. I am greatly afraid of bees of all types. From the so-called nice ones (as if there are any) to the white-faced hornets that seem to always make an appearance for a couple of days each summer.

Normally when I see a bee, I’m headed for the nearest emergency exit. But this year, I am determined to get over my fear.

Marketing and the Sting

When it comes to marketing, we all have various fears.  Perhaps you’re scared to host a webinar.  You’re not sure that you can put together content that will keep someone’s interest for 45 minutes.

Perhaps you’re scared to check the reports on your latest direct mail or email campaign. (How bad was it!?!?!)

You may be scared of making an investment in a print advertisement, or perhaps purchasing a sponsorship and setting up a booth at a trade show.

Whatever our fear is, we also should have a fear of something else —- not doing enough. We should be slightly scared of telling our boss all the things we didn’t do, and about all the stats that we don’t know.

Do Not Hide in Your House

An unhealthy fear of bees may cause someone to hide inside their house. No matter how beautiful it may be outside in the summer, they’d rather play it extremely safe and miss out.

Well in business, we really can’t afford to miss out. We need to take actions that bring us closer to prospects and customers.

If you find yourself with a fear of “bees”, find a way to climb a little closer to the nest this year. Sure, you might get stung a little bit. The webinar might not go as perfectly as you dreamt of, and perhaps our campaigns might need some adjustment to perform better.

But don’t let the summer, or your competition, pass you by.

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