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March 29, 2010 / jasonpinto

Throwing Elbows to Create Content

If you are involved in managing your company’s social media presence, I’d be willing to be that you are somewhat envious of other businesses.  There are some companies that just seem to have it going on.  Their posts are fresh, funny, and informative. They seem to be constantly engaged in conversation with other people. Perhaps you are even jealous by the amount of people following them.

If that is the case, then one of the main things that may be separating you from them is this: content. If they have more of it than you, then their posts will be of better quality. More people will want to follow them and talk to them.

So, if you need it, how can you create more content?

Well, to use a basketball analogy quickly, you need to throw a few elbows. If you need the rebound, then you need to make your presence known. You do what you can to clear a bit of space in the paint.

The same may apply to our workload. If we need to blog more, then we need to find a way to push that up the priority list of our daily tasks.

If we need a video of our boss giving a speech at a conference, then we need to sit up front and keep the camera running! Or perhaps we may need to withstand a few groans and “are you serious?!” remarks as we take photos at a company event.

Sure, these things may not always be ideal when it comes to our comfort level. But they are necessary steps to take when it comes to creating content.

So, throw some ‘bows, and get the content flowing.

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