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April 7, 2010 / jasonpinto

It Is All in the Follow-Through

We all love events.

Perhaps we enjoy the planning stages – from booking the travel to envisioning ourselves hopping on a plane, renting a car, or whatever that might entail. Or  maybe it’s the tingling/nervous/exciting feeling we get as the actual date of the event nears.

We are often willing to do whatever we can to attend events. We’ll push other tasks aside. We’ll get to the office early or stay later, if that’s what it takes to make attending the event a reality.

While that is all well and good, we often take a dramatically different turn when the event is over.

Perhaps the event was a trade show or conference. It may have been a visit to a customer’s location, where we discussed and recorded action items and next steps for a project. Whatever it is, we often lose the zeal to follow-up on those tasks once the event is over. This may occur because we want to start looking forward to the  next event.

The planning stages and getting-to-the-actual-event require a lot work. We devote time and money. Yes, we’ve made an investment which must pay off in some sort.

If we do not put the same zeal and effort into executing follow-up activities after the event, we are failing. We are losing out on capitalizing on the opportunities that attending the event may have opened up for us.

For example, perhaps we slack on executing a follow-up campaign to everyone that attended a trade show or listened to a webinar. Or maybe we neglect to touch base on a regular basis  with a customer that we recently spent face-to-face time with.

Events may excite us. But to truly make them worth our while, we must be just as committed to the follow-up as we are to the planning and attending stages.


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