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April 13, 2010 / jasonpinto

It’s All About You – and Your Pet

One of my favorite radio stations here in the Boston area is WERS – 88.9.  It is run by Emerson College, and it easily plays the best music that can be heard on the airwaves around here.

They are currently in the midst of a fund-raising campaign. One of the tactics they are trying today really caught my attention.

Basically, they are encouraging people to make donations in the name of their pets. People are calling up, pledging whatever amount they’d like, and then putting it in the name of their favorite pet. WERS is acknowledging the pet on the radio once a donation has been made, but they are also keeping tally as to which type of pet is winning (as of 7:30 this morning, dogs had the lead over felines).

Here’s why I love this approach: All marketing campaigns should be about the audience. If you want to reach people’s hearts and minds (and wallets), you  need them to become emotionally involved. Whether it’s simply through the words or images that you put in front of them, or perhaps in the response mechanism that you incite them to take, you must find ways to motivate your target.

In this case, WERS is specifically targeting people who have pets. In most cases, people who have pets LOVE them. Pet-lovers certainly may be willing to make a donation simply to hear their pet’s name over the radio… or perhaps they’ll make a donation to ensure that “cats” lead the most-donations column at the end of the day.

Whatever it is, WERS has made this fund-raising campaign about the audience.  I’m certainly rooting for them to have a successful day. I wouldn’t bet against it.

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