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April 14, 2010 / jasonpinto

The Power of Print and a To-Do List

I know. It’s only Wednesday. But as of right now, I truly feel more productive than usual this week.

I’ve greatly cut down on my open tasks (via interlinkONE’s Project Management tool :-)), I cleaned up my e-mail inbox, and I also have had some decent success working with our marketing staff to execute a couple of campaigns.

Why the increase in productivity?

Well, I guess I could attribute some of it to the energy I brought home with me from New Orleans last week.  But more than that, I think that it’s been something much more simple: Every morning this week, I’ve printed out a copy of my daily to-do list.

I carry the print-out wherever I go… I take it into meetings and to the lunch room. When I’m at my desk, it sits right on top of my pile of papers.

Viewing the tasks in a format other than the calendar on my computer has truly helped. It’s easy to simply click “Snooze” when your computer reminds you that you are supposed to spend the next hour creating a Quote.   However, it’s not as easy to say “no” when a task is staring at you throughout the day.

By looking at the printed calendar, you truly get an understanding of what you’ve set out to accomplish. You also can visualize the implications if you try to move things around and “get to them later”.

Yes, I still love the online tools that I use for keeping track of what I need to do, how much time I spend, etc.

But having the printed format of that helps to make it a reality.

(Full disclosure: I work for interlinkONE, the company that makes the Project Management tool that I use)


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  1. PM Hut / Apr 14 2010 4:09 pm

    I’ve been heavily involved in the online Project Management world and this is the first time I hear of interlinkone. It doesn’t seem to have any pricing (at least one that I was able to find). It looks like a promising product and I’m wondering how come it’s not being marketed.

    PS: Your title reminded me of an article I published lately that generated some debate: Project Management – A todo list with dates. Hope you’ll get the chance to read it.

  2. Eddie Cianci / Apr 19 2010 3:10 pm

    If you added some timeboxing to your management style, you would pretty much be practicing the Pomodoro Technique!

    (It emphasizes physical task lists and 25-minute blocks of complete focus, followed by a 5-minute break, until a task is complete.)

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