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April 15, 2010 / jasonpinto

Tell Me Why I Am So Special

Many printers and marketers have the capabilities to produce variable data communications, whether it’s for print, email, or the web. However, we often struggle with figuring out what data we should use and how we should personalize the piece.

I received a letter last night from my credit card company. They were extending a special offer to me in regards to joining a new program. Why was I receiving the special offer? Well, the letter said that I was one of their best customers.

These types of mailings typically go right to the trash bin. Often, I simply think that they are spam/trash/not-worth-my-time.  The same fate doomed this mailing. Sure, I appreciated that they called me one of their “best customers”. However, I felt like they would have said that to, literally, everyone.

Here is a scenario where a bit of personalization would have helped. If they could have provided details as to what made me such an exceptional customer, I may have bitten on the offer. For example, they could told me that, “as someone who has never been late on a payment, you are one of our best customers”. Or perhaps, “because you have stayed with us for more than 10 years, we want to extend a special offer to you”.

If they could have just provided a bit of detail as to why they think I’m special, I may have believed that they actually meant it. And then, I may have taken action to respond to their special offer.

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