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April 26, 2010 / jasonpinto

Hip-Hop, Tweets, and Engagement

The weather in the Boston area this weekend turned out to be much better than expected. To celebrate, I reverted back to my teenage days — I listened to hip-hop on 94.5.

Amidst the Jay-Z, B.o.B, and Lil’ Wayne, one of their song transitions greatly caught my attention. The man with the world-famous radio voice announced, “This next song comes to you via a special request from Twitter”.

I shouldn’t have been that surprised. The more I thought of it, Twitter seems like a great way to have people send song requests in. However, I don’t know of too many other radio stations in the Boston area that are doing this right now.

Jamn’ 94.5 is not using Twitter to simply to push out messages to their fans and followers. They are truly encouraging people to use it as a two-way communication channel. They are engaging their audience; they are not merely talking to them.

If your company has a Twitter page, it may be worth your while to take a step back and view your stream of tweets. Does each tweet simply contain a promotional statement about your product or service? Or, perhaps you are actually sharing links to resources from other sites. However, if every tweet looks something like this: “[Insert thought-provoking question here] http://ShortURL”, then people may eventually tune out the content that you are providing.

Yes, tools such as Twitter have opened up communication between brands and the masses. However, the masses are agile. They can quickly find something more interesting to do. If you can find ways to use these marketing channels to truly engage people, then you may be able to keep them around for a little longer.

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