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May 11, 2010 / jasonpinto

A bit of Iowa comes to Wilmington

Well, I was able to spend a few days outside of the interlinkONE last week. I won’t lie — having a little break was fun! But I am also excited to be getting back into the routine this week.

While I was away, there were a few exciting changes here. Mark McIntosh was named the new President of interlinkONE. John Foley, Jr. (aka The Founder) still remains as CEO, but Mark has been added to the team to help strengthen the leadership here and further our growth. As a long-time employee, I am certainly excited when I hear things like that.

One of my favorite co-workers here is Katie Sadlier. She recently conducted an interview with Mark to help us get to know him a bit better. Also, since Mark has lived in Iowa most of his life, Katie provided a bit of education to help him adjust to how we take care of business in the Northeast :-).

I greatly enjoyed reading the Q & A… I think you might as well. Here is a transcript of the interview.


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