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June 7, 2010 / jasonpinto

Graduation Season for your Marketing Plans

Ah, it is high school graduation season. While perusing the Lowell Sun over the weekend, a quote from the Chelmsford (MA) High School graduation ceremony caught my attention.

The article quoted one of the speakers as having “lamented that today ‘there’s seemingly no time to enjoy simple pleasures.'”

Now if you are a parent with three kids, a job, and the desire to still have some fun in your life, you may have developed a bit of a smirk across your face when you read that an 18-year old is finding that life is too busy. (Just wait until they grow up!)

If you are responsible for marketing your product or service, that type of quote should cause  you to evaluate your future campaign plans. Here’s why: If this student feels like life is already very busy, then I would be willing to bet that many of their peers have similar feelings. When someone is living with the thought that they are struggling to find free time, this will affect how they respond to marketing messages. In order for them to free up time,  something will have to give.  What do you think that an 18-year old is more willing to give up: Facebook or reading the Sunday newspaper? Do you think they’ll give up text-messaging so that they can read more magazines?

Now I’m not seeking to imply that future generations will fail to see any reason to devote time to printed materials.

But, no matter what you are selling, one day you will need to reach the class of 2010. It may be well worth your time to review which channels you are currently building, executing, and measuring marketing campaigns through.

If the Class of 2010 is already struggling to find free time, you will certainly want to ensure that your marketing messages — from the delivery channel to the amount of content pushed out — find some way to cut through their pile of clutter.


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