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August 9, 2010 / jasonpinto

Why You Need More Twitter Users in Your Sales Pipeline posted a chart today with the heading “Heavy Twitter Users Bring Social Activity to New Heights”. The chart provides numbers that detail the increased web usage among people that are regularly on Twitter:

While that may not seem surprising, it may be something that should be discussed in your next sales and marketing meeting.

When companies create their marketing strategy and planning documents each year, they identify types of prospects they would like to go after.

They may list specific types of businesses. They may also make a list of Titles and Positions that they would like their ideal prospect to have.

We may want to add another piece of criteria to determine who our ideal prospect is. Yes, we may want to make a concerted effort to go after people who regularly use Twitter.

If our customer list includes people that are more than willing to share content on the web, we will greatly increase the chances that word-of-mouth marketing will benefit our business. Yes, if we can turn these types of people into customers that love our product or service, they will no doubt be willing to share how much they love us with their friends and followers.


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