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August 26, 2010 / jasonpinto

Big Baby and Social Media

The Boston Celtics currently have 4 “absolute-lock” future Hall-of-Famers on their roster right now. Shaq, KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen.

They are all players that have put their stamp in basketball history books, and that still have the opportunity to further grow their legends before they retire.

However, on Boston Sports Radio this morning, the hosts and callers were not talking about any of those 4 players. Rather, they spent nearly an hour discussing a player who can contribute a bit, but truly is a role player for the current team: Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

Why were they talking about him?

Well, social media is a huge reason why.  Yesterday, Glen Davis posted on his Twitter page that he would be eating dinner at a popular restaurant/bar in Boston. But he didn’t stop there. Over a series of tweets, he let it be known that he would also be treating anyone else that showed up for dinner at the same time!

Did it happen? Well, according to tweets and this TwitPic from later in the night, it appears that a group of fans did get to enjoy free dinner.

In this example, social media (and to be honest, free food) helped to increase awareness about Glen Davis. People were talking about him last night, today, and perhaps a few more people will chat about it over the upcoming weekend. His actions have helped to him to reach a wide group of people, build up his brand, and get him in the news.

When you look around your industry, you may also see companies that seem to take a huge part of the spotlight. They may have a lot more money than you. Perhaps they’ve been around for a long time. Sure, they may intimidate you a bit.

However, marketing channels like social media truly do present a unique opportunity for everyone. If you work hard and get creative, you can use it to increase awareness & demand. Even if you are standing in the midst of “giants”, social media can help turn the spotlight onto your company.

Sure you might have to buy a dinner every once in a while — but that is a part of business.  In the end, if you can get people talking and buying, that will be money and effort well spent.

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