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August 30, 2010 / jasonpinto

Go-Go Gadget Arms (of Content)

As marketers, we often understand the immediate need to produce specific content. If our company is going to exhibit at a trade show, we recognize that we must have collateral to hand out. If we are demonstrating our product or service, we understand the importance of planning and creating a presentation.

We create that content with the intent of using it to accomplish a specific purpose — to reach [X] number of attendees at a specific conference, for example.

However, channels such as social media enable our content to reach more people than we may have ever planned for. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, etc., can extend the shelf-life of videos that we film, articles that we write, and presentations that we create.

People may see our content at the conference that we created it for, and then share news, reviews, and links to it for their friends and followers to experience online.

Also, if we tag and label our content appropriately, it may directly reach people who would never have attended the initial event.

For example, we were pleasantly surprised at the interlinkONE office this morning to see that BizBash, a trade media for the event industry, had posted two of our videos on QR Codes on their website.

Yes, that floor decal featured in one of the videos was created with the purpose of greeting attendees of the Dscoop conference. However, thanks to social media, it is helping us to reach companies in other industries more than 7 months since the show.

So, the next time that you put time, effort, creativity and maybe a bit of sweat into producing a piece of content, remember that your work may not go in vain once the lights go off at an event. That piece of content may open up additional opportunities for a long time coming, if you enable people to share it.

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