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September 16, 2010 / jasonpinto

Just Do Something?

It’s football season! Here in New England, we are off to a good start. Of course, we are all pretending that our quarterback does not have the same haircut as Justin Bieber. (No, I’m not just saying this out of jealousy)

Last week I overheard a former player talking during the pre-game show for the Patriots. He was discussing the differences between a great coach and a lousy one.

He told a story about how he used to play for a lousy coach. After one kick-off where the team gave up a fairly big return, the player started running to the sidelines. He could hear the lousy coach yelling. Was he yelling about a missed assignment? Was he shouting about a hole he saw in the opposing team that could possibly be taken advantage of during the next kickoff?

Nope, that type of specific detail alluded the coach. He was simply screaming, “Can’t someone do something?!!?!?!!?!?”

The player talked about how his reaction to this was one of befuddlement.  The fact that the coach could not be more specific revealed his lack of expertise and leadership to the team.

When it comes to your business, how do you view marketing activities? You may know that you must do something… but what steps do you actually take to get it done? Do you truly have someone who has time on their schedule to build, manage, execute and measure marketing campaigns? Yes, do we help make it a priority in our organization?

In many cases, marketing activities are pushed down in the to-do list pile.  Other tasks seem to win in the fight for space on the calendar.

However, we’ve all seen the charts that show companies that come out of a recession stronger than others normally have invested more time and resources in marketing. If we recognize the need to do more promotion for own company, products, and services, then we would do well to check if our actions match what we know we should do.


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