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October 7, 2010 / jasonpinto

A Few Thoughts after Graph Expo

Well, I am back in the interlinkONE office after a few days at Graph Expo. While the mirror may be saying that my eyes look very tired today, I honestly have come away from the show feeling energized and excited.

Sure, the print industry is going through a major transition. Hearing some of the statistics by Dr. Joe Webb on Tuesday morning regarding the number of companies that have closed down, the decrease in print shipments, etc., can certainly be sobering. However, the overall theme that I have taken away from the show is that most printers recognize what’s happening, and they are taking steps to keep their business viable.

They are making changes so that they can offer solutions that use multiple marketing channels. These changes might affect the hardware and software that they own, and just as importantly, it affects the resources and staff that have on hand.

Over the 4 days that I spent in Chicago, I had the privilege of meeting with many people that truly believe in print, but that also are fully engaged in other marketing channels. Here are just a few of the people, companies, and associations that helped inspire me at Graph Expo:

mBossed (Ryan McAbee)

The Web And Print blog (Jennifer Matt)


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  • We are members of Dscoop and we exhibit at their shows. At their Graph Expo event Monday night, there were QR Codes everywhere! They were on the shirts of the staff… they were on table tents… they were on posters in the hallways. They pushed out text message alerts to remind registrants about their Tuesday morning leadership breakfast. Certainly, an association that uses multi-channel efforts to reach their client-base is one that printers can learn from.

A & M Label (David Platz)

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  • Full disclosure — A&M Label is a customer of ours. They are using our QReate & Track software to generate QR Codes and measure their success. They are already having quite a bit of success in regards to using QR Codes for their clients, and trust me on this: they are going to be doing a lot more! Certainly, a lot of companies are starting to become excited about QR Codes now — at A&M Label, they are already making it happen.

Ideal Printers (Maigen Sawyer)

W2P (Peter Lancaster)

These are just a few of the people that are responsible for me leaving this Graph Expo in a very happy mood. There were many more, and I apologize for not listing you all! But I hope that you find a bit of inspiration from these people, just like I did.

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  1. Ryan McAbee / Oct 8 2010 6:21 pm

    Hey Jason,
    I had a great time chatting with you at Graph Expo as well. Thanks for also putting me in your Graph Expo inspiration list — truly great company!

    Keep up the good work here and at InterlinkOne,

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