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October 20, 2010 / jasonpinto

Listening to your Marketing Messages

I saw a TV advertisement from Kohl’s this morning.  In the ad, a customer is being persuaded by a sales rep to sign up for a credit card. Before the customer signs the application, a man joins the conversation and starts speaking aloud all of the words that you would normally see in the fine print at the bottom of an application. As you might expect, the customer is turned off.

Consider how that scenario might apply to the marketing messages we have in printed form.

Often, we write our marketing copy with a few considerations in mind — have we used up the real estate that is available on this printed piece? Have we included all of the benefits and features that our boss wants on the piece? Have we told people how awesome we truly are?

If we put checkmarks after all 3 of those items, we may be tempted to simply send our collateral to the printer, and then off to our target audience.

However, we will receive benefits if we take the step of actually reading what we’ve typed aloud. More than that, we should have someone else read the copy to us. While typing, every keystroke may have seemed to make perfect sense. But when we hear it, we realize that a few adjustments must be made.

When the piece is read aloud, it may sink in that we are using far too many buzzwords… or perhaps we realize that we have include far too much copy, as the reader runs out of breath while trying to read the words off of our printed item!

Yes, reading our proofs aloud before we deliver them to our target audience may certainly help increase the effectiveness of our marketing materials.



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