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October 26, 2010 / jasonpinto

Everyone Can Create Trust

There is a good article (with charts!) on today. The title is “Gaining Consumer Trust Online and Offline“.

Here was one of the quotes that I really enjoyed:

“In addition, there is a feedback loop between online and offline word-of-mouth, and marketers must understand the connections and differences between the channels.”

If we work in the marketing department for our company, we may be taking many positive steps to promote our business via online channels. This may include our website, social media, webinars, and more.  In a lot of those cases, we are the ones in control. We can push out positive content. We can publish successful case studies that feature our customers. If someone contacts us online with a question or a complaint, we often have the ability to respond quickly, and help to portray out company’s customer service arm in a positive light.

However, there is something that we do not have as much control over. And that is what happens offline. Sure, we may be responsible for pushing a very positive message online about our business, but notice where the recommendations of offline folks (family/friends/contacts discussing or recommending a brand/product) ranks in this chart:



If the offline conversations are having the greatest impact on people, then we must realize that the energies and efforts we pour into our online activities must also pour into what we can control offline. One great way to do this is to realize that all employees at your company affect your image… they can help or harm your marketing efforts. This applies to HR, Customer Service, Development, and all other departments that you may have.

Jonathan Brewer of First Edge Solutions has written a great blog post that provides advice on how customer service contributes to your marketing and promotional efforts.

When we have control, we often have more fun. Online marketing can be enjoyable, and it can also be very effective. However, we must realize that it’s all about our customers and prospects. We must recognize what they are influenced by.  As we do this, we will find ways to ensure that each and every fellow employee we have can help build trust in our products and services.

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