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November 3, 2010 / jasonpinto

Three Ways to Keep our Marketing Messages Appealing

Do you love your daily routine? Maybe it includes waking up and getting to the office at the same time every day. Sure, consistency can help to keep us on the right track. But it also can potentially put us on a path where we become bored and less-than-inspired.

On a smaller scale, let’s say that you drink the same type of coffee every day. Perhaps you fell in love with it the first time you had it. Maybe it smelled delicious. Perhaps it gave you more energy than you could ever remember having. From that day on, you decided that you would only drink that type of coffee going forward.

Well, in cases like that, a similar thing could happen — eventually that coffee won’t taste or smell as good, and you’ll be reaching for a 5-hour energy drink before noon comes along.

When it comes to marketing your product or service, you may be in the habit of consistently sending materials to your prospects and customers. This is excellent! By dripping information, you will help to keep your company in the forefront of their minds.

But if we are going to attempt to get in front of the people on our list on a weekly basis (or more frequently), we must find ways to ensure that we do not become boring to them.  Here are three ways that we can stay appealign:


  • We should strive to find ways to mix up the tone of our content. Some posts might be serious, others humorous. We need to mix up what we talk about. If we consider ourselves an expert on a certain topic, we may feel comfortable writing about it. However, our audience will need a break. They need to believe that we are human, and that we have other interests and passions.


  • In today’s world, people are consuming information in more channels than ever before. If you are trying to stay in front of people consistently, this is a good thing! Rather than trying to push content to people through the same channel week after week, mix up the channels that you use. Sure, an email newsletter might be part of the mix. But try to reach them through Facebook the week after that, or another social media channel. Drop a Thank You letter in the mail for another “touch”.

Look & Feel

  • We might only have email addresses for some of the people on our list. In a case like this, we should find ways to mix up the look and feel of the email messages that we push out. If someone receives an email from our company once a week for 5 weeks in a row, they may start to feel & realize that they are a target of a “drip campaign”. Even if they like what is being talked about, and they benefit from the information that is being shared, they may not enjoy being labeled a target. If we can find ways to mix up the artwork and creative elements of those emails, it may help to keep people attracted to what we are sending.

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