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November 9, 2010 / jasonpinto

Imagine If You Could See the Future

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If you could see into the future, what would you do? In today’s economic times, you certainly may be tempted to steal a page from Marty McFly and bet on sporting events to win guaranteed money.

However, here’s something that is a bit more practical. It also could help you grow your business. published this chart recently:

The sub-heading in the article summarizes these results very well: “More undergrads have mobile web device than desktop computer”.

If your marketing activities involve reaching out to college students, or those that will soon be graduating, we are being given a glimpse into the future. In some cases, the future is now.

If we produce content for the web, or if we produce marketing materials that drive people to the web, we must recognize now more than ever before that certain groups of people are looking at that content on their phones.

This absolutely has to affect our workflow and production. It means that we need to invest additional time testing our materials. It means that we may need to invest in solutions that enable us to create mobile-optimized content. It means that we may need to look at how to use QR Codes, to make our printed materials interactive.

Yes, if college students have changed the way that they view content on the web, we as marketers must change the way we reach them.


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